B2, Six core, high-efficiency. Retrieved 5 June Enterprise-level servers use additional and expensive routing chips to support more than 8 CPUs per box. Log in Don’t have an account? In contrast, multiprocessor Xeon system CPUs share only two common buses for both processor-processor and processor-memory communication. In multi-processor systems more than one Opteron on a single motherboard , the CPUs communicate using the Direct Connect Architecture over high-speed HyperTransport links.

C0, Six core, high-efficiency. Several supercomputers using only Opteron processors were ranked in the top 10 systems between and , notably:. Clock speeds will be a bit lower 2. Before we do that, we’ll elaborate a bit on what a server centric architecture should look like. CG, Single core, high-efficiency. What is it, and how does it help? Motherboard chipsets List of AMD chipsets. These CPUs are given model numbers ranging from to

In fact, a great deal of the trade-offs in Bulldozer were made on behalf of servers, and not just one type of workload, but a diversity of ad. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. List of AMD Opteron microprocessors. Retrieved January 15, These CPUs are given model numbers ranging from to Opteron processors first appeared in the top systems of the fastest supercomputers in the world list in the early s.

By the summer of21 of the top systems used Opteron processors, and in the November and June lists the Opteron reached its maximum representation of 33 of the top systems. With the high-end desktop market shrinking to become a niche for hardcore enthusiasts–helped by the fact that moderate systems from several years back continue to run most tasks well–the enterprise market is very attractive.


What Makes Server Applications Different? B2, Four core, high-efficiency.

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Retrieved January 2, November 17, [3]. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. C0, Four core, high-efficiency. B2, Eight core, energy-efficient. Retrieved January 6, Enterprise-level servers use additional and expensive routing chips to support more than 8 CPUs per box.

June 30, [1]. Clock speeds will be a bit lower 2.

Intel is migrating to a memory architecture similar to the Opteron’s for the Intel Core i7 family of processors and their Xeon derivatives. As the latter has a lower TDP, it is clear that the newest Opteron has to outperform this Xeon by a decent margin.

The Series and Series use Socket F. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

In a variety of computing benchmarks, the Opteron architecture has demonstrated better multi-processor scaling than the Intel Xeon [1] which didn’t have a point to point system until QPI and integrated memory controllers with the Nehalem design. Retrieved March 16, E6, Dual core, high-efficiency.

AMD Opteron 6272

Maxwell Render and Blender Other Tests: Second, Sandy Bridge EP is coming out in the next quarter–we’ve already seen the desktop Sandy Bridge-E launchand adding two more cores four more threads for the server version will only increase the performance potential.


One socket could then deliver the performance of two processors, two sockets could deliver the performance of four processors, and so on.

E4, Single core, high-efficiency. Views Read Edit View history. TrueCrypt and 7-Zip Conclusion. The following table describes those processors without OPM.

Bulldozer for Servers: Testing AMD’s “Interlagos” Opteron 6200 Series

D0, Six core, high-efficiency. Retrieved from ” https: Because motherboard costs increase dramatically as the number of CPU sockets increase, multicore CPUs enable a multiprocessing system to be built at lower cost. Advanced Micro Devices x86 microprocessors Lists of microprocessors. AMD changed the naming scheme for its Opteron models. Like the previous second and third generation Opterons, the second number refers to the processor generation.

Single-cores and dual-cores have different indications, despite sometimes having deries same clock frequency.