Certain shots or camera movements are dated and it lets us think that the movie on a technical level hasn’t worn well. After several attempts, a delegation sent by the citizens finds he has retired—to his bed. Not only that, they resent the fact that while they are hard at work, Alexandre is enjoying his fishing and naps. Naturally, Alexandre resents this nagging woman to the point that he can well do without her. This is one of the best statements I ever heard on the fallacy of the work and matriarchy: This page was last edited on 9 July , at

He suggested to leave work fallow and to devote free time to rest and leisure which enabled a beneficial development for the individual. Always pleasant to view, even after 32 years! As hapless a driver as Alexandre is a farmer, Agathe constantly zips about in a bright red Citroen 2CV, ending in a fatality that removes both Agathe and her parents from the scene. Anyone know how I can get a copy? FilmCriticLalitRao 3 August Only the intervention of something simple and very primitive a little dog can break the secular slavery the one that is submitted the masculine species. You can look it up.

There’s no need to worry about the constraints and stress imposed by work and modern society.

This page was last edited on 9 Julyat The actor enjoyed a long career in the French cinema and he proves why everything he did always turned out in natural performances. Yves Robert passed away three years ago and any cine buff remembers him for his towering achievements that are: Without taking itself too seriously, it presents itself as a comical tale in which laziness is praised because thanks to it, happiness and the possibility to enjoy basic pleasures of life prevail.

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Was this review helpful? Maybe it was the dog. Alexandre inherits the entire farm and proceeds to go on permanent vacation! He suggested to leave work fallow and to devote free time to rest and leisure which enabled a beneficial development for the individual. Articles containing French-language text All articles with unsourced bienheeureux Articles with unsourced statements from May Articles with French-language external links All stub articles.


There alexancre a tuneful score by Vladimir Cosma.

It is a comedy with many moments of uncontrollable hilarity. However, Yves Robert makes us believe that even a certain joy can be had if one is able to bienheurwux a planned lazy life without bothering to worry about what is happening in the outside world. FilmCriticLalitRao 3 August Philippe Noiret in the main role acts the role of Alexandre with an admirable easiness and naturalness.

They don’t make em like this anymore. This is one of the best statements I ever heard on the fallacy of the work and matriarchy: This is a delightful, beautiful country farce reminiscent of a Mr.

Noiret was a man who gave the best of him in films because of the charm he exuded. I have been looking for it on tape or DVD for years. BKeegan 18 May But it is a sign of true comic genius that you can be that funny even with the sound turned off — in a class with Tati and Chaplin.

If your not smiling or happy or not feeling better after watching this, you need therapy. I noticed that Amazon. Anyone know how I can get a copy? A fable, a parable, an examination of the human condition, and a must see for anyone thinking of getting married.

InPaul Laforgue wrote and published an essay entitled: I guess you can’t go back again but if you could, I would request more french comedies just like this one.

The fear of a subversion of the public order seems to have been the causer of the no propaganda the respect of this masterpiece.

Subtitles Very Happy Alexander (Alexandre le |

One of the most delightful movies I have seen in my life. Giuseppe Tornatore’s “A Pure Formality” starring Gerard Depardieu and Roman Polanski, simply one of bienehureux most mesmerizing movies I’ve ever seen; and “Le Cadeau” “The Gift”of which I can find no trace, about a bank clerk or accountant with a shrewish wife who takes off for Venice with alexandfe gift some co-workers gave him–a singularly beautiful prostitute.

Shot in central France, the impressive cinematography by Rene Mathlin shines in the copy we saw recently. Always pleasant to view, even after 32 years!

Hulot in Jacques Tati’s Mononocle. My opinion hasn’t changed.


Director Yves Robert gave the public many fine features, as proved by this delightful work. When she and her elderly parents are killed in a car accident, he decides that the time has come to take it easy and enjoy life a little, sets all his livestock free, and then practically disappears.

And although it is, admittedly, a slight film and probably no one’s idea of a great cinematic masterpiece, it has more charm than 99 out of Hollywood comedies. LCNMedia 7 March Ah, to be able to do the same today! Philippe Noiret plays a henpecked childless farmer that lives oppressed by his authoritarian and materialistic wife, being the only worker in his farm.

This Alexandre is one of his best creations. Philippe Noiret runs away with his winning take of Alexandre. If you’re reading this, I’ve got two more to add, if you can find them: Sign in to vote.

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Certainly one of the strongest declarations on record of just why we love our dogs. So the soundtrack was all new! One of the most important questions raised by this film is whether a partner can leave a union if the relationship is purely based on money.

Is this movie for sale in the U. At the level of the quality in Robert’s filmography, “Alexandre le Bienheureux” is just a few notches below Robert’s flicks I previously mentioned.

This was comic actor Pierre Richard ‘s second appearance [ citation needed ] on film, playing a secondary role toward the end of the plot.

It shows as the rude force it’s nothing compares to the ambush of the woman. The struggle of the men’s village to bring Alexnader back in line, of else the worlds order will turn into chaos is the daily struggle many of us view daily between our will to be free spirits and the pressure of life.