The other possiblity is a power cord with an degree adapter on the end, which I’ve seen on other PCs. Overall if you get this Netbook you will be very pleased. I ordered my Toshiba mini-computer from Amazon on Tuesday and got it on Thursday. I can actually type just as well on NB as I can on my home computers. I am a writer and college student and I already have a The webcam is great. The trackpad is okay. But that can be easily remedied with a wipe now and then.

Even with the brightness turned up all the way, the image fades considerably outdoors, even in open shade. Perhaps someone who runs more demanding programs might have a different result. Obviously, this is the perfect airplane companion. Mostly used the laptop to watch some iTunes movies. I wanted a computer for: I have installed Office and deleted the MS Works. I still use my Dv5 for virtually all of my non-writing needs such as playing video games, watching HD movies, and most of my internet surfing. These are really breakthrough machines in terms of usability and luggability.

I’m on my 2nd unit, the first one had a bad power switch. I have McAfee, registry mechanic and Spyware Doctor running in the background.

Chevrolet S-Serie

Windows 7 will be out soon, but it might cost more than this computer. Most applications don’t require a good speaker. Very portable, and can become – almost – the primary computer in your life.

There are three 3 USB ports, one of which can be used to charge any device. I installed my anti-virus software. Performance is snappy — It seems to be better than my 2.

I did not realize it would be simple to add an external modem to this computer until someone left a message stating so. If you will always be using a headset, this remains a 4 star netbook.


The speaker as noted by others is insufficient. I love it, and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a great little netbook to stay connected with the world, and friends. The HDD’s ability to capture and protect the hard drive from destruction if it is dropped or bumped too hard, is another amazing feature.

Aero is smooth, even Flip 3D. NB has a matte cover and texture to it that does not attact ANY fingerprints.

extrime blog’s: Chevrolet Agile LT

Traveling by train this weekend – 10 hours each way, with a three day camping trip between. I wanted a computer for: There were no Recovery disks enclosed?

So, I can leave the important stuff at home and travel with this little beauty and a 1. Side note, I ordered 1 day express delivery at 5pm eastern seroe and seriee my computer the next morning at Easter aagile all for under 22 dollars shipping. This laptop fits the bill perfectly, especially with its long battery life.

I can’t get over how well I do at meetings with everyone complaining about the weight and finding a place to plug in the brick and tripping over cords and this mighty mouse device just keeps on running.

The market for 10″ netbooks is crammed full of very similar offerings. Left movement take you to the previous page – right takes you to the next page.

I’m sure some of you out there will use bluetooth a lot, but frankly I don’t need this computer to have that luxury. It will stay in place and not fall out for those of you on the fence over this one particular subject.


Some programs were supposed to be installed on the computer, seroe were not installed. Of course, flicking the button once is not much of a big deal. Overall if you get this Netbook you will be very pleased. And you certainly don’t have to worry about the battery life. Sure they look good on my BB too but nothing is as good as the 21″ desktop. Like any laptop, if you hook it into your large monitor and plug in a mouse, you can set it up with less pain, agole up the monitor resolution.

I am a poor guy with way too much tied up in computer junk. I’m also very glad that the Trackpad and associated buttons are large in size! The keyboard on this netbook is the best one on the market in my opinion, which was the reason I decided to go with the Toshiba – otherwise I would have gone with a netbook with a higher resolution. I use a HP Pavilion with a 17″ agild. The enclosed manual is next to nothing, so go to: This seems like something a description should most definatly include since the entire country 2001 not converted to wireless yet!!