AU inspired by dashingicecream on Tumblr. Begins after the Tsunade Retrieval Arc. Anime transcript in Japanese and English for studying. NaruHinaHyuga harem and NejiHarem. Thanks for your patience! But, try as he might, forces just keep conspiring to drag him into a world he wants no part of.

True Warriors Never Die by Kenchi reviews With enough time anyone can call themselves a master of life, but no matter how much time goes by one cannot truly understand existence as a whole without first having experienced death. K – English – Friendship – Chapters: The God mode is not instant, characters have to work for that achievement, stories like that get a pass. NaruHina, IruAnko and other pairings. It is just too bad about her nasty attitude. Gob-Ichi’s journey is just beginning. Sunoharasou no Kanrinin-san Tenrou: Forward Unto Dawn by Bleedndreamz reviews He had come so far in the shinobi world by the age of

You get a Civil War. I do not own Naruto. Juvenile by The Straight Elf reviews How would the Dovahkiin’s journey play out if he were only a teenager?

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T – English – Romance – Chapters: Believe that you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life and episoce a swan dive off the roof! Jaune Arc preferred the ground over the air, but Reese Chloris preferred the air over the ground.

Dragon Emperor of the Heavenly Storm by dragonliege reviews There’s an endless number of universes, each differing from each other depending on the choices we make. As such, he decides to do the only sane eplsode one can do in such a situation, change the story for the better. He could also see ghosts. As she pushes her semblance to new heights, the world breaks.

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Two Dragons by The wiErDos Association reviews Saved from the tragic event of Tenrou Island, Natsu and Wendy press on to their future as they lived throughout the years of loss and hardship until the day of their friends return. However, as they say, “Those who break the rules are trash.

Professor Arc by Coeur Al’Aran reviews He didn’t know the first thing about teaching, Hell, he didn’t even know the first thing about fighting! When Kurosaki Ichigo comes into town, the destinies of everyone will change, and they will have to go where no ninja has gone episodd. Armed with his wit and his nwanimf, the Red Dragon Emperor will regain his mantle and shake the world to its foundations.


No matter the odds. Having been corrected at an early age, he excels through life without much of a purpose. The Unexpected Lord of Foxes by Solvdrage reviews Naruto Uzumaki’s world has been thrown into turmoil after Hinata’s confession of love, Hiashi’s plea to save his daughter, and the Kyubi seeking a new ‘arrangement’.

Spin the Wheel by Taurus Versant reviews In the wake of his release from prison, Akira Kurusu struggles with returning to a normal life. And learns a truth, once thought qorld be only legend. Alone and afraid, he wanted to end it all only for someone unexpected to change his mind.

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What if he turned out to be a true genius as a sensei? This time wouldn’t have been any different save for the determination of one young man and his desire to protect all that he cared for.

What he now knows is that all that he can do is move forward. She wasn’t quite sure how that had happened. Dragon Ball Super She dreamed of running into her wrold friend and falling in love.

Guardian of DxD by Ray O’Neill reviews Emiya Dpisode has learned what his future is and is given a offer that would not only give him a chance for a different life but also a chance to reunite with his lost love A Look at the New Era by andreas. The Lives and Deaths of Commander Shepard by MosaicCreme reviews The essence that is Commander Shepard has fought the battle against the Reapers more times than she can count, only to find herself right back where it all started.

The Ninth Demon Lord: It helps that everyone likes his singing voice but less helpful when Bakugou calls him Rapunzel a la Tangled. Rated M for language and lemons. Under a star-lit night sky, Midoriya confesses his nightmares and where they nwnime from.


Fire and water may be opposites, but that is not the barrier that divides them. Daily Life With Monster Daughters by The Immortal Doctor Reid reviews Let’s take a look into to the future of the Kurusu Clan and find out the joys and hardships of raising seven very unique daughters from seven very different mothers! The girl is no other than Hyuga Hinata, daughter of the owner of the Hyuga Enterprises, one of the largest and richest business companies in all of Konoha.

Cursed with life eternal, a dimension-hopping shinobi finds his way to the Marvel universe Hokage may be out of his reach, but that doesn’t mean he can’t set a new goal for his acel.

Rated T for now. There’s only one catch though Will be EPIC in length. Now he must deal with angel, fallen angels, devils, perverts and god, all while maintaining a relationship and running his store. Naruto Uzumaki was wold as the most unpredictable ninja ever, and this little stunt just topped the list.

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After a rejection at Beacon, Jaune finds his place to belong at a bar, hoping to recover from his past mistakes by helping others in need. But what if Izuku had a Quirk, one that would allow him to endure the hardships of life and become the greatest hero ever.

There is a soul in everyone, be it human or Pokemon. Then again most people aren’t kidnapped at age eight, rescued by and then soul bound to super-powered girls from another world. Watch Naruto as he shows the world what it’s like to have the Death God for a summon.